Tom Pelcz

Tom PelcCo Head of Macro Technical Strategy Managing Director

Tom Pelcz has 27 years’ experience in the financial markets. He spent his first 6 ½ years in the industry working at Standard and Poor’s as a strategist. By the time he left, he ran the global technical department based from London. In the mid 90’s Tom went to Merrill Lynch as a senior macro tech strategist covering all asset classes. From Merrill Lynch Tom switched to the buy-side to work for a hedge fund as a portfolio manager/trader, managing and trading a $2 billion portfolio. He traded listed and OTC Euro and US products and was in the top 15 of the Maclagan list of traders. From there Tom became a consultant to 1st tier banks and one of his clients (RBS) engaged him full time for 10 years as the Head of Global Tech strategy. Tom left RBS 2 1/2years ago to join Nomura covering all asset classes, working for the trading arm of the group whilst remaining client facing. He is also a part-time lecturer at the London School of Economics and part-time examiner for professional banking exams. He is recognized as one the top 5 leading techies in the world today working for sell-side institutions having been invited to the New York Stock Exchange to be one of the 5 recognised technicians’ technician. He has extensive contacts across the globe from Central Banks, Pension funds , hedge funds and high net worth individuals. Tom is currently writing a book “From starfish to the Moon” looking at the relationship of the traditional and more esoteric techniques for financial forecasting and the role of how this influences human kinetic behaviour in the financial markets.